Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Rahima Feisal. Pwani Celebrity Awards Nominee. Facebook Personality of The Year Category.

Social Media. It is a revolution taking the world by storm. Careers have been built through it. Love has been found in Social Media. Great ideas from some of the world's greatest thinkers have been shared through Social Media. At Pwani Celebrity Awards, we acknowledge all good that can come from it. We intend to change the mentality of our youth, that of using Social Media as an idling ground, to that of using this platform in a way that can be income-generating and also fun to whoever uses it.

On our page this evening is Rahima Feisal. She is a singer with vocals worth dying for, dreams of being the next Whitney Huston. There is absolutely nothing illegal in referring to Rahima as one who is multi-talented as she is also a songwriter, rapper and model.

Her fans recently nominated her as Facebook Personality of The Year in this year's Pwani Celebrity Awards. All the best to her and may her dreams come true. Hoping to see her on some of the world's biggest stages. Someday.

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