Tuesday, September 01, 2015


      Esther Akothe. Pwani Celebrity Awards 2015 Female Artist of The Year Nominee.

 To many of us, apart from releasing melodious sounds on our airwaves, Akothee is known for her flashy lifestyle. Some say that comes by default, given the great tribe she comes from.
Akothee would fit the perfect definition of from grass to grace, given her past and how she took the challenges she faced as stepping stones to the greatness we see today. For all we know, Akothee was once a taxi driver, despite that being a male-dominated job market. Through this job, she found her first financial breakthrough after acquiring her own van which saw the birth of Akothee Tours & Safaris.
She describes herself as an impossible woman who does the impossible, and we couldn't agree more. In her early stages of life, Akothee had never really known what it felt like to be smiled at by lady luck. The sassy singer once worked as a house help, sold omena and did many other unimaginable kind of jobs to earn a living.
However, aside from her hustles, music remained to be her first passion, which she followed dearly. At times, she would perform for free at Mombasa Go Karting events, because that's how far she was willing to go for her talent.
Fast forward, Akothee is one of the high-riding female artists along the Coastal region and has been nominated for the Female Artist of The Year category in this year's Pwani Celebrity Awards.
Congratulations are in order to her for a job well done.

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