Saturday, October 31, 2015

7th November 2015-What To Expect

Pwani Celebrity Awards 2015 going down on 7th November 2015 at Hotel Sea Front Kengeleni.

It has been a year of planning for a show that promises to be the biggest and grandest ever seen. Our dedicated members of staff working round the clock to ensure nothing but perfection on the day we have all been waiting for. With only 7 days left, we thought it wise to let you in on some of the things to expect on that day.

To start with, the entrance fee is set at Ksh. 500 for the regular ticket and Ksh. 1000 for the VIP. Most of you have complained, others are yet to complain about the charges. So maybe a breakdown of what is to happen at Hotel Sea Front on the night of 7th November 2015 will help convince you that the prices are fair enough.  

For Ksh. 500, you get that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience all the fuss as has been explained below and much more live and direct, free welcoming cocktails and stand a chance to win a lot of giveaways during the show. For those paying for the VIP, you get the special privilege to mingle with our organizers, nominees, various artists, key figures in the Entertainment Industry and all other invited dignitaries, dine with them for the mouth-watering delicacies, unlimited supply of soft drinks that will be available on the night (free of charge for the VIPs), and much more that we cannot disclose at the moment. Just to be clear, alcoholic drinks will also be available.

Red Carpet Photography by professionals will be free for all. Come get a chance to pose with your favorite celebs on the red carpet for an unlimited number of photos.

We will be having a live Media Coverage as we have invited various Media Houses in the country for the event, so expect more on that night.

As stated earlier, we shall be having a surprise artist in attendance to keep us on our feet on that night. Ever since this announcement, there have been speculations all over the place about the big artist people think will grace the show. But as stated, it is a surprise; therefore, it is not in our place to disclose any suggestive hint on the matter as we do not intend to change the Queen’s Language’s meaning of the word ‘surprise’.

 As you may have noticed, Pwani Celebrity Awards embodies the spirit of nurturing talents, and that’s why on that day, we shall be having some artists who are yet to find the breakthrough or meet the right people to help debut their art performing. You should however stay advised that these artists are not just picked at random for we believe that it takes more than just holding a mike and spitting words on stage to be part of the show that night. We look for people with content and potential in the industry. That’s why our committed team has scheduled a day in the course of next week to audition the artists who have expressed interest on performing on the night. As we said earlier, we are perfectionists. We plan to make the show worth your money and time.

 Present to entertain you will be some of the best dance groups we have around, contemporary dancers making an impression on stage, comedians to crack your ribs, various artists, bands and also poets to keep your imagination awake. On the decks will be a Deejay Line-Up of all your favorites plus one Guest Deejay to ensure that you are sorted musically.

We have a very experienced team of interior designers taking care of the decor, setting up everything to perfection in our bid to leave a lasting impression of the night.

Fashion lovers, you've not been left out. We shall be having a runway set-up, where various designers get to showcase some of their works. In preparation for this, Ashantyz Promotions & Catering Services has signed 10 experienced Models who will help with the exhibition. They will take the runway, one at a time, showcasing various outfits from the very creative fashion designers we have, not just from Mombasa, but from the entire Coastal Region. We hope that after the night of 7th November 2015, you just don’t go home thinking of how Person A looked adorable when receiving their award; we want you to leave the place with a different mindset, that of supporting local designers in whatever way possible for the talent that they have.

On the night, we plan to have a very unique awarding ceremony for the winners, given the hard work and dedication they’ve all shown in shaping the Coastal Entertainment Industry for the year that has been. As we have stated in countless occasions, this year we are not just giving out trophies to the winners as has been our tradition ever since; there is more in store for them; more that we also choose not to disclose for now, for as you may have noticed, we are full of surprises this year, so it’s really up to you to come and find out.

A keen look at the Nomination Categories will indicate to you that we have some new ones this year, some like Mentor of The Year, Humanitarian Award and so on and so forth. We will be having some of these people let you in on what they are all about; their life experiences in the journey to becoming the great people that we see today.

The above stated and much more is what we plan to deliver on that night. So, mark your calendars and start getting ready for a night of its kind.

For tickets, contact 0706585788.


  1. Hope it goes well. Can't wait to be part of it

    1. We all hope for the best Evans! See you on that day.

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