Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Mama Lao. Pwani Celebrity Awards Nominee. Female Hip Hop Artist of The Year.

Probably one of the pioneer female Hip Hop Artists in Mombasa, a genre that most female artists shy away from. Six years in the game and going by what we gathered about her, Mama Lao is about to take the industry by storm; one that's never been seen before.

Mama Lao has in the past been featured in collabos with some big names like Kidis, and is currently riding high with her single, Mdodo, which got a very positive reception from her fans all over, and getting quite some airplay in local radio stations. This doesn't come as a surprise to any of us as the singer speaks so passionately about her hardwork in her six-year journey to greatness. 

Over her stay in the industry, Mama Lao has been able to establish a fanbase that saw her earn a nomination slot in this year's Pwani Celebrity Awards. She falls under the category of Female Hip Hop Artist of the year. Vote for her. Make her the next Queen of Rap.

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