Monday, October 19, 2015


Pwani Celebrity Awards Nominees donating at Green Olive Children's Home.

Every day when the sun rises, Mama Esther as they know her, has to be up. She has to rise and rack her brain on how she will fend for the 50 kids she has under her care. She does not have any assured source of income; yet, it is her up to provide for everyone, including her eight members of staff, who also happen to have families who depend on them. Bills have to be paid, regardless of whether there are resources on not.  The familiarity of this cycle is nothing but comforting to her, as she has been doing this for the past 10 years.

It all started when she worked with some tourists some years back. She would have them help out some one or two kids whom she felt were in need. It was a calling of some sorts, and as the number gradually grew, she had to sacrifice her youth for the kids and dedicate her everything to their well being. Friends challenged her to start a children’s home for them, something she did with no hesitation, and that saw the birth of Green Olive Children’s Home, more than a decade ago.

Green Olive Children’s Home isn’t like any other that you know. It is one that smiles in the face of its adversities. For a first-timer, Green Olive just poses like any other elementary school somewhere in a remote area.  The faces that greet you upon entrance are those filled with hope and excitement. It however doesn’t take a genius to tell their unspoken.

Behind every kid at Green Olive Children’s Home is a story that made them end up there; one that they know only too well. Some are orphans, others, abandoned some, lost and found, though not by their parents as one would expect, but by Green Olive Children’s Home. They all live there as brothers and sisters under the loving care of their Mama Esther. Some struggle with diseases, others even test positive to HIV/AIDS, in fact, just recently, one of them lost the fight after 10years of nothing but struggle. Despite all these, they have never given up hope; hope that they will one day be like you and me. They never think of home, as this has been their home ever since, one which they have long lived to embrace.  The members of staff have become members of their family. Together they are joined by bonds that are not likely to be broken that easily.

Over the years, it has been a great struggle for Mama Esther, with the main challenge being fending for the basic needs, like food for the little hungry mouths. She is also aware that some kids from the society join the orphans for a share of whatever there is on the table. She can’t send them away. They count on her for their daily bread, and it is not like her to let them down. She has made them her responsibility. 

Green Olive Children’s Home runs at a cost of Ksh.120,000 per month. Currently, the Children’s Home operates in the dark as it owes K.P.L.C a substantial amount of money, Ksh. 38,000 to be precise. This, even as  among the 48 kids were 10 K.C.P.E candidates who needed to study for their exams and light up their future. On many occasions, Mama Esther had risked stealing electricity for the sake of the kids. Something that could have easily gotten her arrested and charged. Her efforts to seek or get donors or even government support for her foundation have been futile as all she gets from such parties are promises and more promises.

18th October 2015 would however be a day that restored hope to this forgotten about Children’s Home, all thanks to the Pwani Celebrity Awards family. The organizers staged a visit for this year’s nominees to Green Olive Children’s Home, just to have them get to know that other that the flashy lifestyle of the fans they are used to meeting in fancy places, there exist a minority fan-base somewhere; one that enjoys their art as well and would wish to emulate them. Someday. Various organizations, including Coastal Films Productions, Banduka, Ashantyz Promotions & Catering Services, Green Bird Entertainment, Pad A Dada, Spinworld International and many others came on board to support this course. Donations were made for the kids, from food stuff, clothing and pledged support that seemed to restore hope for better tomorrows for the children. The guests got to spend time with the kids; sing with them, dance with them and simply just have fun with them.

Games time.

Sharon Wanjiku and Gathoni Mbugua of Utandu posing for a selfie with one of the kids.

Mr. John Chacha with two of the kids.

Aisha Frere having fun with her new-found friend.
Wherever they are right now, the kids are happy. Even though they all know too well that this is state that will be short-lived. The little they got from us won’t last forever. It cannot. Yes, it will sustain them, but not for long. You and I can however make it a different story. Our nominees and members present discussed on ways that would ensure regular support for the kids. If you are willing to come on board, if you have some shreds of tenderness left in you, here is your chance. Get in touch with us through 0706585788. As we always say, it doesn’t have to be silver or gold, the little you can give, even a message of encouragement to them will go a long way in making the kids know that they are never alone in this.

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