Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pwani Celebrity Awards 2015-Nomination Categories

Good morning everyone! This post starts by appreciating you all for your response and the efforts you all have put in making Pwani Celebrity Awards one of the most talked about shows not only in Kenya, but East Africa as a whole. We could not have done it without you. We say thank you to everyone for everything. Few years ago when this idea was conceived, many had doubts whether it would go anywhere. Most people compared it to the then successful Awards' Shows and quickly concluded that this was going nowhere, but with the hard-work, wisdom, dedication and self-drive from our very own C.E.O , we have been able to surpass expectations and here we are today; setting standards (proudly).

For the past few years that this show has been on, we have been trying to give the very best, in the best of our abilities. Challenges have been there, mistakes have been made and repeated, we cannot deny that, but what is important is that we kept going, growing and trying to live up to your expectations, with each year bringing you bigger and better.

Of all the past shows, this stands out to be uniquely different; different in the sense that the entire process is as directed by you, meaning you are the boss. For the first time ever, we gave you, our loyal fans the chance to share with us your idea of what Pwani Celebrity Awards should be like, a process in which you generously cooperated. You picked the categories and you are now nominating your favorites. For the past three weeks, we have been giving you bits of the categories you suggested and at the same time asking you to nominate personalities by sending in their names to This you did, without disappointing, and as we speak, our email inbox is overflowing. Again, we thank you for the feedback. For those who may have missed the chance to view the categories that we have been posting, do not worry, we love you too and we provided the list below just for you:

  1. Hip Hop Artist of The Year. (Male&Female)
  2. Male Artist of The Year.
  3. Female Artist of The Year.
  4. Music Group of The Year.
  5. Upcoming Artist of The Year.
  6. Spoken Word Poet of The Year.
  7. Gospel Artist of The Year. (Male & Female)
  8. Best Collaboration of The Year.
  9. Producer of The Year.
  10. Video Producer of The Year.
  11. Deejay of The Year.
  12. Emcee of The Year.
  13. Gospel Emcee of The Year.
  14. Dance Group of The Year.
Fashion and Design:
  1. Male Model of The Year.
  2. Female Model of The Year.
  3. Fashion Designer of The Year.
  4. Campus Model of The Year.
  5. Mr. & Miss Campus.
  6. Photographer of The Year.
  7. Graphic Designer of The Year.
  1.  Radio Station of The Year.
  2. Radio Show of The Year.
  3. Male Radio Presenter of The Year.
  4. Female Radio Presenter of The Year.
  5. Blogger of The Year.
  6. Entertainment Magazine of The Year.
  7. Facebook Personality of The Year.
  8. Swahili Tv Program of The Year.
  9. Male Actor of The Year.
  10. Female Actor of The Year.
  11. Entertainment Icon of The Year.
  12. Lifetime Achievement Award.
  1. Entrepreneur of The Year.
  2. Mentor of The Year.
  3. Humanitarian Award.
  4. Appreciation Award.
  5. Honors' Award.

If you happen to notice any difference; any new categories; any categories omitted, kindly note that these are as suggested by you and that is what the organizing team shall stick to.
The nominations are still on, and the window will officially close on 15th June 2015 at exactly midnight. You have until then to submit your nomination to our official email address


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