Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Judy Kwamboka. Pwani Celebrity Awards Nominee. Photographer of The Year Category.

Photography is an art. One which means getting used to tiny clicks and slides of lenses in to camera being on constant replays in your head and even in the deepest point of your dreams. It means to focus on every bit of detail in your field of view. The art of photography means telling a story to the world in a way only you know how.

Colouring our page this morning is one of the very few female photographers we have in the country. Her name is Judy Kwamboka. Judy is one of all trades in her field, as she covers wide range of events; from political events, weddings, parties and many more.

Judy never dreamt of being in her field of work as a child. She only came to fall in love with the camera while working as an intern in one PR firm. She followed the new found passion which led her to unfamiliar paths, and has never looked back, however tough it may be being in the male-dominated line of work.

Judy was recently nominated in this year's Pwani Celebrity Awards as Photographer of The Year, and we can only wish her the best of everything.

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