Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Petra Bockle. Pwani Celebrity Awards Nominee. Female Hip Hop Artist of The Year.

One would be forgiven for mistaking her for Nicki Minaj. Have you heard her song, Mkali Wao? Her name is Petra, she is a musician, started singing at age 11.

At age 18, when most people get excited for finally owning a National Id Card, Petra was busy working on a remix of a song with Rabbit, Ligi Soo, one which would elevate her career to being one of the greatest female rappers, not only in Kenya, but Africa as a whole.

Petra has since been affiliated to multi-million projects. This doesn't come as a surprise to any of us as she is just more than talented.

She was recently nominated as Female Hip Hop Artist of The Year in Pwani Celebrity Awards. All the best to her as she continues keeping our ears busy.

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