Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Mafioso Music Group. Pwani Celebrity Awards Nominees. Music Group of The Year Category.

They are no doubt one of the groups to watch. Mafiso Music Group is one made up of three young, but super talented men, Ruksy, Mwasi and Puka Pisces, whose almost angelic voices blend so naturally to bring about a heavenly melody to our airwaves. They are by all means ready for the limelight and ready to prove to the world that areas considered to be as remote as Ukunda, South Coast, rests a musical gem yet to be discovered.

Their musical paths crossed by chance as they all grew up together, though all singing in different groups before they merged to be what we know today.

Since their merger, the Mafiosos have worked with legendary producers like TK2, Producer Totti, Kimshizzle, Bizi B, just to mention a few.. (you can head to YouTube and watch any of their videos and you'll understand that we are not just misusing words when describing them)

The Mafiosos were overwhelmingly nominated by their fans for this year's Pwani Celebrity Awards under the category of Music Group of The Year. They need you to vote for them and make their dreams come true. From this end, best of luck to them.

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