Wednesday, October 07, 2015


B4C Music Group. Pwani Celebrity Awards Nominees.

Their story is nothing short of inspiring. B4C is a gospel music group made up of two best friends, Fidhel Kyalo and Shadrack Kyalo. You will be forgiven to think they are brothers as the duo grew up together and have lots of childhood memories which they never miss to share when an opportunity presents itself.

They started their musical journey in December 2013. The songs they sing are mostly inspired by their life experiences together, all that they've gone through to be who they are today. They acknowledge the mentorship they got from the likes of Mbuvi, Mercy D' Lai, Mr. Cross, Maxton Media and many others who played a role in their growth. Their first video, Rafiki, was released just 22 days after joining the industry. It then took a while before releasing their second song, Vumilia, again, talking about the hardships one faces in life with the hope of overcoming them someday. After Vumilia, their journey became a bit rossy, leading to the release of Fimbo Ya Shetani, and the latest being Ndoto, which is less than 24 hours old on YouTube.

B4C were recently nominated for the Music Group of The Year Category in this year's Pwani Celebrity Awards. Join us in wishing them all the best as they continue soaring higher and higher.

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