Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Ohms Law Montana. Pwani Celebrity Awards Nominee. Hip Hop Artist of The Year Category.
Talent is his second name. He has this unique way of infusing poetry into his rap music, bringing about something way out of this world. 

Ohm's Law discovered his ability to make words come alive to the world through spoken word poetry when he was still in high school. He dedicated his time to his new found passion and by 2011, Ohm's Law was representing his now former school, Hamisi High School on National Level in matters poetry. 

It is however in 2013 when Ohm's Law first hit the studio and started releasing his works of a genre he admiringly named 'alcapoetry.' Since then, Ohm's has been landing gig after gig and has at some point represented Mombasa on Capital Fm's Lyrical Wednesday. He made us all proud. Among his hit songs are Wamakataimara (be careful with your tongue when pronouncing that), Poleni; a song in which he chooses to pay tribute to those who have gone before us.

In five years time, Ohm's sees himself giving a new definition of what rap music should be like to the world. He aspires to be in the lanes of Kendrick Lamar and other known rapgods, and at a point in his life, make it to the BET. Well, we hope and pray for him. May his dreams be among the valid ones.

Ohm's Law was recently nominated as Male Hip Hop of The Year for Pwani Celebrity Awards. If you feel he deserves this title, vote for him. Make him win.

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