Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A Star in The Making...

There are so many amazing things happening behind the entertainment scene in Mombasa, as we came to find out. Surprisingly, very little gets to be covered, leaving so much for speculation. One would be forgiven to think that our media is deeply in love with bad news that they decide to turn a blind eye to the happenings of this region. Here at Pwani Celebrity Awards, we took the liberty to seek and bring you some of what you never get to hear.
We shall start by mentioning that our long silence feels privileged to be broken by the news of one upcoming artist who for sure may be a threat to reckon with in the near future. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Brian Dubiz, a rapper/songwriter who ails from this Coastal Land of Kenya.
 He started singing at a tender age of 7, but never took it seriously as he never thought of it as a career. He later developed a passion for rap music and has never looked back since then.
Dubiz rose to the limelight last year after getting a chance to show what he could do with words at the Mombasa Got Talent Live Show, which according to reliable sources, will be airing on KTN later this year as Kenya Got Talent, as founded by one Mr. Steven Heywood, a successful businessman and Talent Manager.
Since then, Dubiz has gone ahead to release hit after hit and making us all fall in love with the hip hop genre of music. Information reaching our desk is that Dubiz will be releasing his first video #God With Me sometime next week, in which he featured a myriad of fellow artist
If its audio at God With Me is anything to go by, then fellow rappers should be really afraid right now for we may just have a small Drake in town.
We here at Pwani Celebrity Awards continue praying for him and wishing him all the best in whatever direction his musical journey decides to take him.

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