Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Next After The Nominations?

For a while now, Pwani Celebrity Awards has grown to be one of the most talked about shows in Kenya and, at some point, attracting international attention. Despite so much praises, the show, and the event organizers in particular, have had their fair share of criticism from aggrieved fans who feel like their expectations have not been lived up to yet. It is for this reason that the very able C.E.O and founder of this whole project, Miss Anita of Ashantyz Promotions vowed to give her all in ensuring the success of this show this year, making necessary adjustments here and there in ways only she knows best.

In last year's show, our voting system and criteria stood out to be the punching bag for critics, claiming the whole thing was not transparent. Because of this, the organizing team came up with a genius idea of letting the public run the whole thing. How? You may be wondering; well, this year a chance has been given to the public to propose ways in which they think the show can be made a success and at the end of the day have very little, or no criticism at all. The first step was to let you, our esteemed fans, propose the categories that you would like to see candidates nominated to be voted for. This was done by engaging you through our various social media platforms, through which you came out to voice your opinions which we aboded to.

Secondly, we asked you to nominate the candidates of your choice to be voted for in the various categories getting released through our social media platforms on a daily basis. The process is ongoing, with our email address currently overflowing with your nominations, which we really appreciate. So far, we have released nineteen (19) categories as below in which you have been nominating your preferred candidates:
  1.  Hip Hop Artist of The Year.
  2.  Best Music Group of The Year.
  3.  Upcoming Artist of the Year.
  4.  Male Gospel Artist of the Year.
  5.  Female Gospel Artist of the Year.
  6.  Radio Show of The Year.
  7.  Best Collaboration of The Year.
  8.   Emcee of the Year.
  9.  Gospel Emcee of the Year.
  10.  Producer of the Year.
  11.  Video Producer of the Year. 
  12.  Male Radio Presenter of the Year.
  13.  Female Radio Presenter of the Year. 
  14.  Female Model of The Year.
  15.  Male Model of The Year.
  16.  Mr. & Miss. Campus.
  17.  Fashion Designer of The Year.
  18.  Photographer of The Year.
  19.  Graphic Designer of The Year.
  (The above categories are in no particular order, nominate your preferred candidates' name by emailing their name and respective category to

At this point, it will be of importance to state that all the above voting categories are as suggested by you. So far, we have seen a number of people seeking nominations from their fans who have shown them support by making the number of entries now be a hundred and six (106) for the above mentioned categories, which are still being released by the way.

Now, after last year's claims that some of the winning persons were not known to you and that had done very little or nothing of contribution towards the growth of the entertainment scene in Mombasa, we have decided that after you guys are done with nominating your candidates, our technical team will sit  and analyze them, eliminate where necessary until we remain with only five (5) entries in each category, for it will be nonsensical to have two hundred (200) nominees in one given category. These lucky five (5) in each category will then be taken through a series of interviews by our technical team, seeking them to let us all know what they are about. The videos will then be posted on our Youtube Channel for you to watch and judge where necessary,

Having cleared the air concerning what you guys should expect moving forward, the writer of this post welcomes your opinions and any questions to our official email address 

This is Pwani Celebrity Awards 2015, let's make it a big deal! 

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