Wednesday, February 25, 2015


For ages now, we've all been watching and marveling at the nature of Awards' Events overseas. Year after year, we are treated to amazing surprises by the organizers' way of doing things. Technology; state-of-the-art. Layout-breathtaking. Marketing-on point. Turn-out; beyond expectation. Everything is planned for and naturally falls into place. Sad part is that the perfection of such events seem to be demoralizing us Kenyans. We think so little of ourselves as if we can't match the standards (well, actually we really can't match them but who died from trying?)
This year, our very own Pwani Celebrity Awards will be making bold and daring steps to try and set standards for Awards' Ceremonies within Kenya and East Africa as a whole, With that in mind, the following are some adjustments that are currently being made to make the show stand-out from all that we've been seeing happen around:
          Introduction of a New Category
Yes boys and girls, you read that correctly. Pwani Celebrity Awards 2015 will be introducing a new category to celebrate some important people in society who mostly go unmentioned. The category shall be called CORPORATE AWARDS, and in it, we shall be rewarding entrepreneurs and various companies performing well in the Coastal region. An unknown fact to most people is that we are not just awarding these people for the sake of it, but to appreciate and encourage them to continue in what they are doing to the industry. We've seen some companies come out to create and organize events in which local artists perform. We've also seen some companies come out to sponsor local talents within the region, hence we thought it wise to reward where we think is appropriate (of course your votes still decide the winner)

     Involvement of the Government
This may sound weird but remains unique. For the first time in history, we will be involving the government in our awards! (can I get an Amen for that) And by government, we're strictly talking about the Coastal region. Our  main aim is to award the best performing county within the region, because we are aware of the impact this has in the entertainment industry. To site an example, consider the state of security in Lamu. Think about its impact to the entertainment industry. Is it even possible to go to night clubs? No? What about concerts? Is it possible to hold them in an area prone to bombings and terrorist attacks? Hell now way! Now think of the amount of revenue they loose in one fiscal year-low returns from the transport industry and not forgetting income from beverages which are mostly consumed at night (and let it be clear that Pwani Celebrity Awards is not in any way advocating for alcohol consumption, all we are saying is that there has to be a better way,)
With that in mind, this is how we shall be rewarding the government for what they are doing for us: our team of experts shall be analyzing a County's funds allocation against expenditure for the past one year, taking into account the County's total income verses residents' per capita income.
From that, the best performing county shall be awarded as an encouragement for the good work and also serve as a challenge to the others to put more effort.

       Introduction of Advanced Technology
From the experience we had last year with our fans complaining about poor sound system among many other things, we can proudly inform you that we have heavily invested in technology that we believe will surpass the expectations of many.
To start with, there has been an overhaul of the entire voting system. Voting shall now be easy for everyone and not limited only for certain web browsers and mobile applications. Online portals being monitored by credible entities shall be released soon for the public. With this kind of system, we expect utmost discretion of the voting patterns.
 This will discourage a scenario where loosing artists pull-out of the race out of shame as witnessed last year.
In the spirit of keeping up with the overseas' standards, we plan on going digital with our stage undertakings, meaning, there will be very minimal (if not non) talking by parties on stage, instead, we let the machines do the work.

As for the sound system, we have imported a Yamaha Audio Console CL5 top of the range audio control for world class music quality. The machine is one of a kind, first time to be used in Mombasa, and second time to be used in Kenya and this side east of the Sahara, after Safaricom's Groove Party 2014. (You can google that by the way).

       Interaction with fans
After last year's dissatisfaction by our fans on failure to involve them in the whole process, there has been a general feeling that some adjustments be made on how we do things. This year, we plan it to be as interactive as possible. Our fans will be the ones to suggest voting categories and individuals they think fit for every category.
We shall create our own Youtube channel soon, in which we shall be interviewing artists with the likelihood of being nominated and voted in various categories. Get fans to know them, what they do apart from what we know among many others
A WhatsApp number for Pwani Celebrity Awards 2015 will also be launched soon for fans to share ideas with the organizers on what they expect.
An official Twitter handle and hashtag that will be used all through till the evnd of the event will also be launched soon,

As stated earlier, these are just some of the adjustments being made to make the show what it ought to be.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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