Sunday, July 26, 2015

Only Five Days Left!

The ride has been enjoyable. You have been nominating your favorites in categories which you think fit for them. You have flooded the email with almost a hundred thousand messages recommending the creme de la'creme of the industry to be feted. Now, with only five days away to the deadline, do you know what is to come next? Remember, we are not just having this show for the sake of it, we have a purpose to fulfill. And to reach there, we need a blueprint. To this far, we have been on the right track towards achieving our common goal. The purpose of this post is to guide you in the steps to follow for we still have a long way to go (together).

It is not news to anyone that this show remains to be among the very few that have stood the test of time. We take pride in acknowledging our predecessors. We also take pride in acknowledging those who are to come after us, but most importantly, we take pride in this shows' endurance over the three years that we have been in existence in this rough, rugged and raw industry, always doing our best to stick to our ambition of creating better tomorrows for the entertainment stakeholders of not only Mombasa, but the entire Coastal region- from the mighty beaches of Malindi to the forgotten sounds from Kwale, tuko pamoja.

One of the things that we would like to categorically point out, from an observer's standpoint, is the lack of unity and how we as Pwani Celebrity Awards, in our own small way try to find a solution for this. For sure, a divided house has cannot stand on its own; that is why we have been seeing great talents leaving our shores to fend greener pastures in other regions which really are nothing compared to what we can achieve with our combined efforts. As Pwani Celebrity Awards, it is in our plans that after this nomination, all the successful nominees be having exchange sessions in which Artist A gets to share with the rest their story; their up and down moments of their journey to the top, for we believe that through this; through knowing what it is to cry when the going gets tough and to smile when all is smooth sailing through someone's lens, bonds are formed; bonds that will tie these individuals together as they journey towards a brighter future. In this sessions too, the nominees will be taken through training on what it takes to be in the industry. This will be a great advantage to all the upcoming nominees who still need to learn and grow.

During our regional tours, admiringly termed #PCAmashinani, one question that really stood out in almost all the regions is whether there is something more to these year's awards other than just beautifully sculptured pieces of rock (vinyago, as they termed it). We can affirm that this year's show is going to be one of its kind. As organizers, we value your art; be it music, poetry, modelling, dance, deejaying, photography, blogging... your art is priceless. That we know. No amount of money, silver or gold can ever buy your passion. The only thing we can do as society is to appreciate what you have to offer. And how are we doing this? After the awards, we plan on making you a better version of yourself in more ways than you can ever imagine. We have the resources, we have the capacity and we have the time. All we need is for you to trust us (and win). For a start, we plan on having free professional photography for ALL successful nominees for their portfolios. Remember, your life changes once you get associated with Pwani Celebrity Awards.

In our bid to transforming the Coastal Entertainment Industry, it has been really hard to underscore the fact that stakeholders may lack professionalism, making us loose obvious opportunities. As stated herein, we intend to transform the industry in our own small way; one mindset at a time. Given that we are in the age of Social Media, it is clear to us as it is to any other person that the internet is the new market place for our generation. We buy and sell our services through it. Question is, how do you relate to your (potential) clients? Our team of Social Media Consultants will be doing free online profiling for all successful nominees, guiding them and very importantly, enlightening them on selling ways. This we believe will help restore the long forgotten image of success we once had.

Expect to hear more of what is to come from this year's show, regarding what the winners get come November. Also, stay tuned for details on the date, venue and time of the nomination gala which is to be held very soon. For now, keep nominating. You only have five days remaining.

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