Tuesday, September 22, 2015

All About The Photo Shoots-Week One

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. But what of days when the thousands of words spoken by the pictures are not enough to tell the story? Like when the said picture gets lost in its own imagination while trying to figure out how to tell its own story? Sometimes, pictures too need help to have their story of beauty shared with the world.
If you have been a keen follower of Pwani Celebrity Awards' happenings, you may know that this show is at a stage in which it seeks to fulfill its first promise to this year's nominees, and that is free professional photo shoots for each of them. These photos will then be used in creating their professional portfolios. Truth be told, nothing is easy about this task, with more than two-hundred nominees from the various categories to be covered in something less than a month, organizers have been working round the clock to make this a success. So far, the sail has been a smooth one, save for a few hiccups here and their, but all has been well.
Our venue of choice has and still remains to be Prestige Holiday Resort, located in Mtwapa Town. Under the watch of Coastal Showbizz guru, Mr. Hassan Feisal, Prestige has been a home away from home for us. It has actually been like a little piece of heaven. From its ideal location, just five minutes away from Mtwapa Town center, making it easily accessible by road, to the warmth of its members of staff, mouth watering affordable meals and most importantly for this writer here, a reliable Wi-fi signal. These and many more have been contributing factors in helping our earlier stated pictures tell their story of a thousand words.

Photography, since day 1, had been entrusted in the very able hands of Tony from Uptown Photography. He plays the role of bringing out the best in every nominee (literally), oblivious of the unforgiving scorch of the sun. The art of photography, in his words, not mine, means learning to improvise ways of living by Mother Nature's will.

 It reached a point where the gentleman took off his shoes! I never asked him why because I knew the answer would be a scary one, or maybe my question would be having a very obvious question that would have made me look dumb. I don't like making people think I'm dumb. They should just keep believing I am a very smart guy.

                                                           ***Day 1***

On this particular day, Wednesday, September 15th, 2015, we decided to have the Hip Hop Category, both Male and Female kick-start the session. Some artists showed up, others didn't, but for those who were there, a lot took place. Tony did his magic with the camera and at the end of the day, everyone was happy and pleased.

To the organizers, it was a learning experience; not all nominees heed to such calls. Some fail to show up on purpose, others, reasons well known to them. It is not in my place to judge but this much I know is true; the little acts a nominee portrays at this stage MAY be contributing factors to...
The photos you see on this blog post are not as taken by the professional, Tony, but as taken by the unskilled writer of this post to serve as behind-the-scene photos, which he thought would be wise to share with you.

                                                           ***Day 2***

And on the second day, we said, let there be 2 more categories: Gospel MC of The Year and Upcoming Artist of The Year Categories, and so it was. Nominees traveled from far and wide to be part of the glorious occasion. We had some coming from as far as Malindi and were on location by 8:00am (sharp). We appreciate their efforts. These are the kind of individuals that give us the morale of waking up early each day, knowing that we have to be there in time to serve them. We also thank the management of Prestige Holiday Resort for the warm reception they give the nominees. Though some came late, others sent their apologies, day 2 was fun and we all enjoyed every moment of it. Actually, it's always a good time in Prestige.

                                                          ***Day 3***

This was the last day of the first week. You will be mistaken to think that being a Friday, our crew was a bit worn out for the session. In fact, this was the day we were all psyched up more than ever, knowing that Friday was likely to attract a bigger number since we had not limited the sessions only Music Group of The Year Category and Upcoming Artist of The Year Category. We had almost 15 individuals present for the sessions, meaning we had to spend the whole day at Prestige.

It was worth it though, the nominees gave us a very easy time, present comedians couldn't stop cracking our ribs in between sessions.

Folks, that was week 1 for you. We kick of week 2 tomorrow. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for up to the minute updates.

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